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Cary Saw Vac with Cyclone Lid

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The Cary Saw Vac is designed to provide years of trouble-free service and continuous duty in industrial applications. It is a stationary unit for medium to heavy density waste associated with saws, routers and other cutting and trimming machines.

The Cary Saw Vac is designed with a Cyclonic Lid that strips away the waste using an internal baffle that allows it to drop into a 30-gallon collection drum. The Cyclonic Lid also employs a pleated filter to prevent lighter, floating materials from re-entering the regenerative blower creating the vacuum pull. The system can be used to pick-up sawdust & wood chips, metal chips, plastic chips, and dense powders & dirt, including slightly oily materials.

The Cary Saw Vac comes in three versions, 5 HP, 10.7 HP and 14.7 HP. Each version is mounted on a heavy-duty, welded steel frame with easily removed 30-gallon collection drum for dumping & disposal of waste. The 30-gallon collection drum comes with reinforced lifting handles on the sides to ensure secure grip by operator when removing from stand. Standard unit can be wired directly to power source, or an optional magnetic motor starter can be added and mounted to frame. Each version is custom-made with a choice of several inlet sizes available depending on customer application.


Model Number SAWVAC-901 SAWVAC-801 SAW VAC-601
Motor Horsepower 14.7 HP 10.7 HP 5.0 HP
Sealed Water Lift 110 inch H2O 112 inch H2O 95 inch H2O
Waste Capacity, Cu.Ft. 4.3 4.3 4.3
Magnetic Motor Starter Optional Add-on Optional Add-on Optional Add-on
Voltage 230/460/575 230/460/575 230/460/575
Phase 3 3 3
Frequency 60 60 60
Weight (lbs.) 450 350 250