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Fuji Ring Compressors / Regenerative Blowers

Blower Applications Booklet Fuji Electric Catalog for Ring Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Fuji Electric O&M Manual for Ring Compressors - 0th and 4th Series




  • Suction and Discharge
  • Die Cast Impeller
  • Dynamically Balanced Impeller
  • Double Shielded Shaft Bearing
  • Dust Proof Shaft Seal
  • Motor Shaft-Mounted Impeller
  • Improved Cooling Fan Design
  • Built-in Thermal Protector
  • Compact Design
  • Removable Threaded Flanges

Principle of Operation:

The Fuji Ring Compressor is a non-positive displacement, high volume, low pressure blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vacuum pump. It is also known by other names such as: regenerative blower, vortex blower and side-channel blower.

The blower consists of an impeller mounted directly on a motor shaft and is rotated at a high speed, about 3600 RPM. On the periphery of the impeller is a large number of radial blades. The impeller is positioned between two endplates with the blades located with a channel on either side.

As the impeller spins and the blades pass the inlet port, a low pressure area is created that draws in air or other gases. The impeller blades impart motion to the air by centrifugal force, throwing it outward and forward, where it follows the contour of the side-channel and is returned to the base, or root, of the impeller. This action is repeated many times, creating a vortex. Each "regeneration" causes the air to gain pressure until it reaches the portion of the housing where the air is stripped from the impeller and discharged from the blower.

The ring compressor is, in effect, a multistage compressor with each regeneration of the air becoming another "stage". The pressure increase at each stage in the cycle is very small, but the large number of stages yields inlet vacuum levels up to 8 in. Hg and discharge pressures of up to 5 PSIG, depending on the size of the blower. Flow levels of up to 570 CFM (cubic feet per minute) can be achieved, and discharge air is free of annoying pulsations.

The basic construction of a ring compressor means that the only moving part is the impeller. Nothing touches except the bearings. The method of compression means that there is no requirement for lubrication in the compression chamber; the discharge air is oil-less. No oil aerosols are present in the discharge air, nor carbon dust generated by sliding vanes. The blowers may be mounted vertically (with impeller housing down) or horizontally.


Fuji's complete line of ring compressors is designed to meet the most critical application requirements. Each features an impeller, mounting base and housing manufactured of aluminum alloy for maximum strength, reduced weight and increased corrosion resistance. The compressor and motor are constructed as a unit for mechanical simplicity and maximum structural integrity. The elimination of clutches, gears, belts, and sliding vanes reduces periodic maintenance while increasing reliability.

TEFC (totally enclosed, fan-cooled) motors are standard on all models, except VFC063P and VFC100 models, which are TENV (totally enclosed, non-ventilated. In addition, all models have NEMA class B, or class F (model VFC700), insulation, and are Underwriters Recognized (Yellow Card File), CSA certified (File LR48762), and meet CE. All single phase units have built-in automatic reset thermal protectors, except models VFC400P and VFC508P. All three phase units have pilot duty thermal protectors requiring only the addition of an external contactor for overload protection, however, magnetic motor starters are recommended.

All ring compressor impellers are dynamically balanced to virtually eliminate vibration while increasing overall long-term reliability. Most models have a shaft oil-seal between the impeller and bearing, as well as a double shielded bearing to reduce the possibility of foreign material influx and preclude air contamination.



Model Number Manufacturer
VFC063P-1T Fuji
VFC080P-1T Fuji
VFC080P-5T Fuji
VFC084A-2T Fuji
VFC084A-4W Fuji
VFC100P-5T Fuji
VFC100A-7W Fuji
VFC200P-5T Fuji
VFC200A-7W Fuji
VFC300P-5T Fuji
VFC300A-7W Fuji
VFC300A-5W Fuji
VFC400P-5T Fuji
VFC400A-7W Fuji
VFC400A-5W Fuji
VFC508P-2T Fuji
VFC500A-7W Fuji
VFC500A-5W Fuji
VFC600A-7W Fuji
VFC600A-5W Fuji
VFC700A-7W Fuji
VFC700A-5W Fuji
VFC800A-7WS Fuji
VFC800A-7W Fuji
VFC800A-5W Fuji
VFC904A-7W Fuji
VFC904A-5W Fuji
VFD2 Fuji/Elektror
Model Number Manufacturer
VFD2S Fuji/Elektror
VFD3S Fuji/Elektror
VFD3 Fuji/Elektror
VFD41S Fuji/Elektror
VFD41 Fuji/Elektror
VFD42S Fuji/Elektror
VFD42 Fuji/Elektror
VFD4 Fuji/Elektror
VFD5 Fuji/Elektror
VFD5D Fuji/Elektror
VFD6 Fuji/Elektror
VFD6D Fuji/Elektror
VFD8 Fuji/Elektror
VFD9 Fuji/Elektror
VFD9-575 Fuji/Elektror
VFD12 Fuji/Elektror
VFD14 Fuji/Elektror
SD2n-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD3-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD4n-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD6-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD7-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD8-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
SD9-1 SD Fuji/Elektror
VFT60-2 Fuji/Elektror
VFT60-3 Fuji/Elektror
VFT60 w/o Mtr Fuji/Elektror
VFT60 SD Fuji/Elektror
Model Number Manufacturer
VFT65-2 Fuji/Elektror
VFT65-3 Fuji/Elektror
VFT65 w/o Mtr Fuji/Elektror
VFT65 SD Fuji/Elektror
VFT71-2 Fuji/Elektror
VFT71-3 Fuji/Elektror
VFT71 w/o Mtr Fuji/Elektror
VFT71 SD Fuji/Elektror
VFT72-2 Fuji/Elektror
VFT72-3 Fuji/Elektror
VFT72 w/o Mtr Fuji/Elektror
VFT72 SD Fuji/Elektror
VFT73-2 Fuji/Elektror
VFT73-3 Fuji/Elektror
VFT73 w/o Mtr Fuji/Elektror
VFT73 SD Fuji/Elektror
VFZ401A-5W Fuji
VFZ401A-7W Fuji
VFZ501A-5W Fuji
VFZ501A-7W Fuji
VFZ601A-5W Fuji
VFZ601A-7W Fuji
VFZ701A-5W Fuji
VFZ701A-7W Fuji
VFZ801A-5W Fuji
VFZ801A-7W Fuji
VFZ901A-5W Fuji
VFZ901A-7W Fuji



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